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In today’s ever growing world topped up with rising demands, you can’t really settle for anything less than the best. And if you think about it, nothing really comes for free, even the things you think that are for free are not actually for free. You download a movie only to end up losing all your energy watching it. You’ve expended time and energy. So it’s not only the money that’s the issue here.

It’s pretty much about the tangibles. But if you’re really keen to get the most out of your money for pornographic subscription, you should consider turning your attention to something called the DDF Network.

This is a one of a kind porn site because it is not just a porn site. It is a conglomerate of all the magical things you’ve come to know. Niche sites are here, making your phone like the universe and the niche sites as the stars. This is one hell of a massive porn database, where you won’t only get to meet your favorite Hollywood stars in action, but also less popular persons that will blow your mind with the things they are able to do. DDFNetwork is one of those porno portals that will really require yourself to rig for some cool and exciting sex action.

What Do You Get with the DDF Network Discount anyways?

As we have mentioned, this is massive site and it’s such for no clear reason. First of all, there are over 11,000 videos within this site, holding over 13 niches to where the contents really come from. There are homegrown videos by DDF Network itself and the others would be accounted to the several magnanimous donors of the site. The site updates every week and most of the new contents are executable in HD format. Overall, for something worth $14.99, there’s nothing much you could really ask for. Enjoy!



Greatest Playboy Plus Discount Ever


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There were so many things I hid from my mother when I was kid. To this day, I still carry all of those secrets and for some not at all strange reason, I’d say it’s better off that way. I mean, what kind of mother would be proud to know her son’s addicted to booties, right? Let’s keep it that way, you know, her being proud to think her son’s an innocent bitch. But hey, this is America, so who gives a fuck? Magazines here and there exposing wonderfully notorious imagery of pornography. Ooh, who wouldn’t love that? And with PlayBoy Plus finally converting to the revolutionary of the internet, things have gone nothing but better.

On the secrets I was telling you about, the major ones would be all the issues of PlayBoy magazines I used to hide under my mattress. I loot them from my dad and he knew, but all he did was wink at me as though hinting how proud he was to know I’m finally becoming a man. But, I guess there’s a difference between one and a pervert. PlayBoyPlus let’s you decide to which you really reside. Are you a real man or just another plain perv? It gives you magical videos that verify one’s true identity, because everything comes naturally and all it takes is an absolute tester, which PBPlus truly qualifies as one.

The PlayBoy Plus discount has everything you need. You among all other fans of the magazine will definitely go gaga over this piece, and for many reasons. First of all, there are the models. You know who the models are and what they can pull off. All you need to do is re-imagine everything, that they are finally taking off those bikinis and go all in for the whole act of daring to bare. There are over 4,200 videos and each of them are recorded as magnum opuses. The videos range from 10 to 90 minutes each and the quality ranges from DVD to 1080p and HD, letting you experience the best out of your visual periphery. The best part is that they have cut down the monthly subscription to $5.83 from an original 29-dollar price.

To sum everything up, PlayBoy Plus is the actual iteration of the paradise you have always longed for. Nothing more you could really ask for through this site. In addition, updates everyday!

Twistys Network

Twistys Network

Greatest Twistys Discount Ever


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Every single day should mean a new thing that never was up yesterday. And the very reason why monogamous marriages always suck is because of the fact that you only get one partner and you have that partner for the rest of your life, because like it or not, exclusive romance is bull for a lot of people. It comes out naturally. While this house can never really win the pursuit of fighting for polygamy, the least it can do is find its own way for survival. An adult site like Twistys has never once failed me and today, I’m gonna tell you the splendor of it. 

Twistys.com is perhaps one of the most intriguing adult sites that you will ever come across with. It has the neatest way of delivering eccentric porn and you will inexplicably love it in every way. The site produces contents with the same genres we all know but with different twists, which are definitely up for you to entomb. You need all the excitement you need, after all. It houses several of the best porn stars in the industry and it will let you meet new faces from different races in a way so friendly that you would want to fuck them all regardless of creed and color. Most importantly, the twistys discount is one that gives you a new reason to watch porn videos every day. 

Twistys has a massive database of video contents. There are over 4,300 videos, to date, and each video should at least have a 10 minute run-time all the way to a full-blown hour long porn video. You will also experience an exceptional viewing experience with several of the HD playable videos, which would work like vitamins to your eyes. Furthermore, it’s an extremely insane website that house blowjobs, anal sex, creampies, squirting and all that from women of different skin and orientations. Lovely!

For an adult site that never fails to meet the essence of delivering new and exceptional content, it’s probably one of the best $9.95 sites you’ll ever come across. Enjoy!



Greatest Naughty America Discount Ever


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Getting laid today is so easy. All you have to do is go to America and find a redhead. Truth of the matter, you just go to New York, anywhere in Manhattan that’s a pub perhaps and then you pose yourself as a stud. Have all the stories and jokes with you and be playful with all the ladies you can grab attention from.

Remember that you’re gonna need backup in case several will back out. Then again, go with a redhead and just get a drink for her. Much easier that way, skip all the bull and go straight to the point. The epitome of this scenario will be taught to you by an ever-winner in the adult industry we all know as Naughty America.

Latin Adultery, Sex with My Brother, For the Love of Motherfuckers and all the titles that make you ring a bell because of the awesome memories they vicariously draw in your subconscious, it’s all in the paradise we call NaughtyAmerica. The site has been up for more than a decade now producing the highest quality films and clips about American sex stories. It has grown much since its inception with it now holding over 6,000 plus videos. You can simply go through the categories and look for the genre that always piques your interest. You can even go vintage if you want something new. The paradox, huh? But you gotta try the past when you live in the future and it’s all possible with Naughty America. 

The Naughty America discount gives you all the options that you will ever need. You may have a penchant for sexy old ladies, you know, cougars and MILFs, or that you love those flat chested but definitely developing teenage angelic faces, this site is definitely your go-to among other prurient quest seekers out there. You will be able to enjoy all the playful porn videos that you have seemed to missed out about the American culture, be it on your computer or your mobile device since they are always open for downloads.

With 20 updates on a weekly basis and photo galleries that add up to the splendor of the 6,200 plus videos database, there’s no reason you’re not gonna love this $15 per month of subscription porn resource.

Brazzers Network

Brazzers Network

Greatest Brazzers Discount Ever


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In a relatively short period of time, Brazzers exploded onto the porn scene like a massive wang spraying its load in every conceivable direction. They are now regarded as being one of the best porn networks out there featuring the biggest names in well polished scenes and this has led to them winning countless awards. Of course that then puts pressure on them to produce the goods, so do they?

First, you are going to see porn that is shot by absolute professionals. They have the sets, they have special effects, they have the hottest stars out there being fucked all over the place and, erm, that is already more than you tend to need with a porn film. They also deal with various fantasies and genres, so it is common to see people fucking in classrooms, workmen, work scenes, and a whole host of other places that just keeps it interesting.

They have also now produced more than 6,000 scenes for their website and that means weeks and weeks worth of porn for you to perv over. They back this up with still photographs as well of the scenes, so if you want a break from the movies, then at least there is this option as they are all shot in high resolution.

I need to mention the actual fucking though because lets be honest aside from the Brazzers discount offer, that is why you are there. It is hot. You get chicks that are slim and small boobs, to fake tits that are huge, various colors of hair, shaved, hairy, dirty talking, moaning, but all with a love of being fucked hard. They think nothing more than taking a cock in any hole, fucking each other, doing it in groups, solo shots, and a whole host of other things that just keep you wanting more.

With Brazzers you actually get access to 30 sites and not just one, but each site is going to grab you by the balls and not let go until you are completely drained. These guys deserve all of the awards that they have collected and you know something? They will get a lot more in the future.



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There seems to almost be a trend for what can only be called porn mega sites on the Internet. You know the type I mean where you do not only get access to one site, but a whole host of them that are all owned by the same company. One such site is Reality Kings because when you join you actually get to see 36 different porn packed websites that will completely blow your socks off.

Of course this is also going to mean that you have a huge amount of content to browse through, but then that is never a bad thing is it? I am talking about over 8,000 different movies, where each scene is roughly 28 minutes long, as well as the same number of photo sets to perv over. Sure, the quality does vary on these scenes, but that is just because of them having been around for so long that technology has improved a great deal, so focus on the quality of the action instead.

Talking of action, this mega site covers absolutely everything you can think of, including a cool Reality Kings discount and apart from the weird kinky stuff where you are dressed up all in rubber or something. That does mean that you have a huge number of scenes showing hardcore anal, threesomes, people fucking in even bigger groups, public sex, cum flying all over the place, and gorgeous chicks just being fucked until they can’t take it any more. Sound good? You bet it is and you can see from the moment you land on their home page why they see themselves as being the King of this type of porn.

For some people this amount of porn could prove to be problematic, but thankfully the guys at Reality Kings have recognized that there could be a problem and have set about creating a cool navigation system. The site is well laid out and you can search for all kinds of terms and the number of results you then get is outstanding. It just makes browsing a nicer experience as you don’t want to be stressed when watching porn do you?

Reality Kings have worked hard to get into this position as one of the powerhouses of Internet porn and it shows with everything they do. The site is quality, the chicks are gorgeous, and the action is hot, so why would you ever want to spend money elsewhere?



Greatest Digital Playground Discount Ever


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The world is now in the digital era which means to say all that we live by now goes by the digital principles. We do work over the web or with the sheer use of a computer. We capture moments using our cameras and smartphone video recorders. We play games via social media in order to not left behind with socialization even when you’re facing a computer screen. Of course, let us not forget the very essence of porn, one of the biggest reasons why men go online. On that note, Digital Playground is the ultimate choice for porn lovers. 

Digital Playground is one of the hottest porn sites in town, featuring the hottest babes and the hottest guys coming altogether to create meaningful sex videos. But that is only half of the whole reason why people love to visit DigitalPlayground.com, or should I say subscribe to it You will also notice that it is actually a conglomerate of the best genres there are for porn, which means you have the liberty to choose which type of porn you would love to watch for the day. If you’re feeling horny and sexy, you might want to try the MILF videos, if not, go with the black ones. The point being is that DP is an eclectically beautiful porn site.

The Digital Playground discount balances price, quality, and quantity. For one thing, there are over 1,400 videos in the DP database, all of which are categorically arranged, allowing the users to do an easy search of what they could be looking for. All the videos are playable in HD and many of them are actually in high definition made, giving a much more vivid experience. There are photo galleries, too, containing high quality pictures perfect as a cellphone background. Also, the streaming experience is made easier because of its convenient tube player capable of loading content fast as lightning.

And as something worth $9.95 as a start-up subscription rate, there’s no doubting that Digital Playground gives you more than your money’s worth.



Greatest Evil Angel Discount Ever


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I’m almost never wrong with my impressions. If anything, it’s just that I’m a bit ahead of the whole story or that I lack a bit to hit the bar on that accuracy meter. Either way, one thing I definitely didn’t get wrong is my impression on Evil Angel. Perhaps it made me believe that sometimes, first impressions are always right and that being said makes it a good case. Since I thought it would be a good pornographic experience, it totally was through its ecstatic way of setting out porn videos. 

Are you familiar with one of the male legends in the world of nudity so called John Stagliano? Or, must I say The John Stagliano? He has actually quit in the business of acting and continues to remain in the world of porn. How is that possible? He’s now a director/producer. With that said, the Evil Angel discount makes anyone who joins quite a lucky bastard for being able to have one of the finest artist in the field of lustful audacity.

Not only that, but with him as a director, making sure that every episode delivered in the highest possible output can be more of an assurance. Alongside him are other famous porn directors Manuel Ferrara and so much more. Basically, EvilAngel is an epic porn site that comes with badass videos that will surely make your mouth drool. 

Let me begin with the design of the site. I’ll give it a 5 over 5 with how simple in a way that’s sophisticated the whole aesthetic is. It surely draws the attention of every virtual passers by, making it easier for them remember and go back to Evil Angel every now and then. To date, there are over 9,100 videos within the site’s database, a third of which can be played in high definition mode compared to mere high quality on PC. The genres are also quite out of the ordinary and you’ll see nuns in some episodes of The Voracious Series which is one of the finest creations of EvilAngel. For something worth $7.45 a month, this one’s the sure shot to go. 

Video Box

Video Box

Greatest Videobox Discount Ever


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VideoBox shames all those sites that say they have hundreds, if not thousands, of DVD porn titles in their galleries. They shame them by actually giving members massive amounts of DVD-porn for them to swallow.

The shocking and advantageous thing about these guys is the fact that they charge very little considering the quantity of material they are offering. The tour page prepares you for the succulent pound upon pound of flesh and sex you are about to witness inside the site. You want it; these guys seem to have it! The collection inside is so big, that every time you step back, in there is another new thing you have to see and discover. Where else can you go to receive daily 5 updates of DVD action?

The current number (which is bound to change maybe even before you finish reading this review) stands at 16286+. These are long movies that last for more than an hour! Tracking when the next update will happen is simple thanks to the tracker inside. You have unlimited downloads and streaming options. With such huge numbers, these guys have really tried to make the navigation simple. There are so many categories you can browse and other search features like porn star, studio, DVD, keyword, and series are also available. Some categories seem to be way ahead of others like the anal one, but each has something to offer you (the viewer)

Don’t think for a second that the material inside is just some cheap variety of porn that you will regret wasting your time on due to the fabulous videobox discount that we presented. These guys have ties to many established porn studios in the business. This means hundreds and thousands of very good porn from diabolically sexual studios like EVIL ANGEL. 

A lot of the DVD’s are hacked into clips for those who don’t like full-length porno films. These 30-minute clips can be found in different resolution including high definition. To help them give members a more inclusive experience, this site has included interactive elements in their design. This means members can comment, rate, add favorites, and much more. The collection of DVD movies is so good, many people have a hard time (literally) picking out the best or favorite ones.

To us, the admission fee is ridiculously measly considering what you are going to see inside this site. We don’t want them to raise it or anything; we just love them the way they are! If you want a DVD porn site that has thousands of titles, VideoBox is the porno site you should be joining.

Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Greatest Mofos Discount Ever


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Mofos network always impresses the industry with the way they conduct their business. They are now back with more material, more sites, and more hardcore. Now, the network has some 8 sites in their collection. 

They don’t look like they will stop there and it’s a safe bet to say that more sites will spurt out of this network like fresh roses! The network is growing at good speeds because of the weekly updates (5) that they keep on giving members. These guys belong to the bigger porn family that goes by the name of Brazzers.

They came out, went back, and revamped their services. Now, they throw their whole weight behind reality, teen, amateur, and college niches of porn. They still do milfs inside MILFS LIKE IT BLACK, but they also do REAL SLUT PARTY and PERVS ON PATROL plus the cult favorite GANG WE BANG! 

The other sites are still great and quality hasn’t dropped one bit every since they came out. The Mofos member’s area (they keep reminding us) has been designed to be very “member friendly”. This means slicker user features that enhance the experience and make things simple for users. Everything is displayed so you’re never too far away from a smut action movie or some creamy orgasms! Use the PORN LIST feature to add your favorites for easier access next time you login. The updates are easy to find since they have links and tabs. There is an archive of which you can view irregardless if you use our mofos discount or not. This gives you more action to go back to if you can decimate the big video and picture galleries inside this network. Currently they have something like 751 picture sets (one set 200 pictures) and some 1146+ videos. The videos have formats like mpeg, wmv, psp, and you can see many in High Definition resolution of 720 or 1080 pxl.

Stream or download, it’s up to you. The forty-minute long scenes are well shot and marvelously produced. There are five-minute clips you can opt for if you think you will not be able to stomach the whole 40 minutes of high quality hardcore sexing. 

The gals inside are either soon-to-be-porn-stars or already established ones. You will see niches like blowjobs, pov, wife, fantasy, ex-girlfriends, etc. The images are High Resolution to match the HD movies, of course! There is an “amateur feel” around the movies and pics. There are some posed ones and you can download them (ZIP file). The bonus you receive as a member ensures no time is wasted since it means so much to watch (for you). There are DVD titles, access to Brazzers sites, and other little nuggets of gold and white creamy fluid sprinkled all over this network.

If there was a five star scoring system in place, we would give these guys a strong 4.9999999! Everything they do makes you just want to cum! They are good at their job and that is giving you hardcore reality teen amateur porn packed full of high quality and wonderful beauties. Check out Mofos!



Greatest ATK Galleria Discount Ever


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Do you love white sexy gals teasing and showing off? Then ATK Galleria is right up your alley! The amateur little vixens inside will engage in solo play, and even step into the hardcore realm every now and then. 

The material you will find neatly placed inside is some original stuff plus very amorous. The girls might be tiny and act all amateurish and stuff, but the amount of material is big loud and very buoyant. Inside you will find 8000+ videos and ‘whew’ some 25000+ stacks of picture galleries.

This is the kind of material that can have you weighed down for months on end, simply clicking, watching, getting aroused and spilling your fluids all the time! These guys cannot seem to stop themselves from impressing their members even more. They have High Definition videos that help to keep them current with the prevailing porno trends. They haven’t changed much inside the site but the material has definitely undergone some makeover. We like and congratulate them for being so conscious and so concerned with offering good, no, superb quality material to members.

And the exclusivity of their material is very astounding considering the amount of content they have. ATK Galleria has a search option that is functional. It is not some fancy thing that will wow you with all the gimmicks it has, it basic and helpful. 

There are different criteria you can use when selecting the material you desire. You get amateur and pro photos and they have 2592+ models. There are live feeds, zip file for image downloads, and reliable downloading and streaming speeds. You receive wmv, mp4, mov, video formats, and High-Resolution images. They also have daily updates to keep your desires well taken care off when it comes to erotic amateur action. 

One aspect that they could improve on is to splash some renovations and new themes around the site. They could also upgrade so that members don’t have mountains of pages to scroll through when searching for material to enjoy. The further back into their galleries you journey, the lower the quality of material will be. At least the cons are remedied by a recently active ATK Galleria discount for $21.66.

This is something you can expect since it’s mostly the same on many other premium porno sites. More information about scenes and models would be welcomed. 

Conclusion. Yes, they may have their quirks, but you honestly cannot expect everyone to be perfect all the time. The question is, “are those quirks so annoying and can you stomach them?” In the case of ATK Galleria, exclusive and high volume galleries offer much more than the quirks inside. This porno hub is a great investment!

Bang Bros

Bang Bros

Greatest BangBros Discount Ever


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50% off ONE MONTH $14.95

BangBros Network has been doing their erotic thing for decades now that they seem to be intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of the porno industry. In less mouthful words, these guys are trendsetters in a very competitive industry. 

They have huge archives and collections of sexy amateurs, babes, milts, teens, and porn stars. They have big sites inside their network and are constantly pushing the envelope as far as entertaining High Quality porno action is concerned. Let’s review this massive network and see the wonderfully nasty fun you can get into and the potential savings with our new Bangbros discount at $9.95.

What these guys are very skilled at doing is providing reality quality material. They also branch out and show you straight hardcore niches. They have fetish ones with sex parties and small holes from which cock hungry babes suck long meats (glory hole)!  The database of smut movies inside this network is wide ensuring maximum satisfaction for different members. Good stuff! The sites inside tackle various sexual scenarios and in total, they contribute well over six thousand videos and picture galleries for members.

Not many can match these numbers and this is one of the reasons why these guys are leading in the industry. Material from as far back as 2009 was introduced in clear High Definition quality. The sites inside this network have various formats available, zip files, flash player, fast connectivity speeds, and other navigational features. 

BangBros makes daily updates so who knows how many videos you will have access to when you take the dive and join these guys. There will be a lot that is for sure! When you want to navigate and maneuver, you will have a lot of help and tools to help you. You can go to each site (all fifty of them) and spend hours fiddling with the mouse on one hand, and “you know what” on the other!

Browsing features allow you to select niches and even when the material was added. The model index is sublime with search options very versatile so that you can see the 2762 gals inside. The pictures “lick your eyes” with quality and color since many are high resolution. 

With all these site jostling for your attention, you will be spoiled silly and have so much spank slithering out of your shlong you will never ever want to leave. One thing is that some of the sites inside seem to be neglected since they aren’t being updated. And you can expect the quality of the content to sometimes vary.

Brush all these minor faults aside and what you remain with is a towering porno network with integrated social media links, great navigation features, and some of the best reality pussy hardcore. 

Conclusion. When they first came out there were a lot of people who doubted them. Now they can face all their doubters and haters and tell them, “look at my erotic big beautiful ever growing porno muscles!” Recommendation? Just stop whatever you are doing and rush over to BangBros right this minute, you will not regret it!